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Upper Mesa Falls
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Secure SSL
Welcome to our on line store. Every image on our site is available in the store. It is important to tell you we take your privacy and our security very seriously.

We have taken great lengths to make sure this is a secure shopping experience. This entire cart operates under tight 256 bit encryption and utilizes our own SSL certificate (https://theflatirons.com/). When you see https://theflatirons.com/ in the URL, you know you are under tight security.

We have serving customers on line since 1995.

Rest assured we have your best interest at heart and complete security at the base of every click of your mouse. If you are not sure of every detail of this transaction, consider using our one hundred dollar image deposit and let us contact you to work out the complete details to your exact satisfaction. We do not complete the transaction until you tell us you are completely satisfied. The deposit only serves to tell us you are serious about art and it is completely refundable.

We are here to serve you and we take that responsibility very seriously. So take a look around and choose the fine art that is exactly right for you. Then get ready for a lifetime of satisfaction.

You have my word and my signature on that.

Secure SSL
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