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The Flatirons
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Location: Brainard Lakes, Boulder, CO

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I got to the park an hour before first light. I kept driving around, scared out of my wits, that I would have another close encounter with a big bull moose. Right as the light levels increased just enough to start making out what was around me, I noticed four big lumps moving around next to the lake in the willows.

Soon I could tell I was looking at four bull moose grazing on willows and starting to show some rutting behavior. The big males, who were obviously best friends, now started to push each other around. Mostly it was the three bigger bulls pushing around the much smaller moose.

Early in the rut, moose often pick on lesser bulls as they get into shape for the real battles. In late August they still have velvet covering their already enormous racks but should start to shed it in the next few weeks. For now their behavior is accented with gleeful kicks of the hind legs and occasional dominant behavior.