The Flatirons
Chesler Park View From Ledge
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Chesler Park View From Ledge

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Location: Canyonlands National Park, Utah

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On the other side of Campground #1 in Chesler Park is a small opening that leads directly to another world. This is the view from that small opening. On this side is another big canyon full of wonder. On the campground side is yet another world.

Notice the small inner canyon in the center of this space. The rock on the far side is one big monolith from the inner canyon wall up to the top of the ridge line. After a dear friend asked me if I had any images of this particular view I showed him this one. It now hangs above his bed at 54 inches across.

His comment: I just wanted you to know that the panorama above our bed is just incredible.  Corinne and I are very happy with it.  Even without the light [which we will get], it takes on a three dimensional appearance that takes us right to the real Chesler Park.  The perspective and attention to detail gives life to some of our fondest memories. Thanks buddy.

Your welcome Doc!

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