The Flatirons
Pilot and Index Peaks
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Pilot and Index Peaks

Pilot Peak is the peak on the left hand side in this image. Index Peak is the smaller peak to the right side. These are historical landmarks that pioneers and explorers of the last few centuries relied on as they navigated their way. These peaks are in the northern part of Wyoming's Absaroka Range which is a wild and rugged range. According to ancient stories, from the north these peaks align to resemble the sight on a mariner's sextant. This image is looking West, North is to the right.

The Absaroka (ab sor key) Range forms the eastern edge of Yellowstone National Park and contains prime grizzly bear territory across every inch of the range. Hiking can be intense due to the heavy underbrush, but highly rewarding with views extending in every direction. Both entrances on the East side of Yellowstone go right over passes in the Absaroka Range.

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