The Flatirons
Waputik Icefield
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Waputik Icefield

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Location: Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

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The Waputik Icefields hang over lake Hector like a blanket. The ice which can be several hundred feet thick can be heard cracking in the warm afternoons of Summer. Glaciers are one of the elements that make the Canadian Rockies much more dangerous than the mountains to the South. Crevices can be hidden by blowing snow, silently waiting for the inexperienced climber to wander over them, then is a second the climber is gone, fallen deep into a crevice never to be seen again.

The glacial carving has created breath taking rugged peaks that defines these parks. Their constant reworking of the landscape creates lateral and terminal moraines that push untold amounts of gravel and glacial till to the lower flanks of these great mountains. Nothing describes the rugged character of these mountains quite like icefields.

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